Product Information - Features

  1. Fast and easy to use. No training necessary. Intuitive self-guided system leads the user step-by-step to capture all needed information.

  2. Information is captured and organized into 18 different loan subject sections.

  3. Very flexible. RYL is able to handle up to 15 promissory notes, or five sets of UCC1s, five mortgages or Deeds of Trust, and all other collateral items in a single line of credit.

  4. Each bank may have multiple users accessing the system, each with their
    own User ID and Password.

  5. Each bank has their own administrator(s) who can add or remove users at any time.

  6. All information captured may be printed out as documents that are neatly presented and clearly labeled.

  7. Each document is fully annotated with loan project name and info, editor, date and more. See example

  8. Banks may add new 'Loan Review Projects' and remove older ones at any time.

  1. Each loan is objectively evaluated and given a numerical grade using the metrics and situational facts drawn from the gathered information.

  2. Captured information does not include any personal identity information of the borrower. For further security, the borrower's identity may be replaced with the bank's
    choice of code name/number.

  3. Reports and analyses of loan information are automatically generated. No external analysis systems needed.

  4. Creates reports that show as many as 50 different possible danger or exposure areas.

  5. Creates status reports for tracking corrections to exposure areas.

  6. All access to loan information uses the latest SSL connections and security protocols.

  7. All information is on-line and may be edited or reviewed at any bank office or location with secure Internet access.

  8. Money back guarantee if not satisfied.