Product Information - Benefits

1. Loan Grading
'Review Your Loans' exclusive loan grading score (0-100) impartially tells you at a glance the health of each loan entered into the system. Something you can only get here.

2. One Price Does It All!
The more you use Review Your Loans, the cheaper it gets!

3. Saves You Money
Do it yourself and reducing the number of loans processed by outside review teams. Using RYL you can also reduce any outside review team's billing time and work.

4. No Tech Upkeep Required
Like most modern systems today, RLY is an on-line, browser based application. That means there are no tech support costs, no upgrades to perform, and no installation security issues.

5. Simple To Use
RYL requires no training or a higher level of Banking knowledge. With its easy to follow modules any staff member can easily enter information for a typical loan into the RYL system in a very short time.


6. World Class Methods
RYL can be your guide to a “best practices” approach for producing quality loan reviews that meet or beat the highest levels of oversight.

7. From Anywhere
An on-line system also means any authorized bank member can edit or review loan information from any location; office, home or away. Anywhere Internet service is available.

8. Objective Analysis
All loans are reviewed in a uniform, consistent manner using the same numeric and situational facts found in a typical loan file.

9. Training Tool
Using RYL at your bank is an excellent way to bring along new lenders, providing them a valuable hands-on experience conducting this critical banking task.

10. More Than Just Loans
RYL will highlight portfolio wide credit quality issues and points out any problems common across multiple loans. Findings may be extrapolated across the entire loan portfolio.